How is Water Important in Skin Care?

How is Water Important in Skin Care?

Water has always been an essential part of our life. We have all been told numerous times that drinking water is beneficial to our overall health, but drinking water can also be beneficial to our skin. How? Well let’s read and find out!

Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, water makes up about 60% of our bodies, it only makes sense that water contributes to our skin health. Drinking water is an easy way in skin care and the rest of the body healthy and functioning properly.

According to a source , 30% of our skin is made up of water. Hence, water intake is essential to maintain our skin turgor and elasticity. Dehydrated skin is less elastic; this means it takes longer to return to its original place when we stretch it.

Majorly, the water is let out from our body  through the kidneys in the form of urine and through the skin as sweat. An adequate amount of water in the body prevents the skin from getting dehydrated. Without this daily dose, our skin would be  unable to fulfill its functions as a natural barrier and become less smooth. On the other hand, water cleans us, calms us and refreshes us.

For our skin care to benefit from water’s properties, both inside and out, we need to drink a sufficient amount and apply moisturizing formulas that penetrate through our cells. If we follow these two basic pieces of advice, our skin will look healthy and full of life.


Water has loaded benefits attached to it. Let’s now see some of the major advantages or benefits water actually carries with itself.

Prevents Premature Aging:

Water helps to keep our skin hydrated and allows our skin to maintain its elasticity. This is how drinking water can help reduce signs of premature aging, that also include wrinkles. When our skin is accurately hydrated, the elasticity is boosted, which in turn helps our skin look healthy and youthful. If we wish to help keep our skin looking younger for a long time, start drinking more water throughout the day!

Helps Maintaining the pH Balance:

It is very essential that  a good pH balance in your skin in order to help keep it looking and feeling healthy. When the pH balance in our skin is out of balance, it can have negative effects on our skin. Pure water has a neutral pH balance, which is why drinking more water and ensuring that we rinse your skin well with water after washing our skin is important. When we drink plenty of water and rinse our skin well, we help to keep the pH levels in balance, ensuring our skin is as healthy as possible.

Helps Remove Toxins:

Drinking water can help flush toxins out of our body, boosting our overall health. When we flush these harmful toxins from our body, we can improve the health of our body and skin. In an article, they mention that studies have found that drinking just two cups of water can increase blood flow to the skin, which gives us a more even tone. Not only that, our overall health will be boosted when we flush the toxins from your body.

Prevents Acne:

People with acne and pimples and such marks on their skin are always worried as to how they can reduce the marks? The solution is Water!  Yes! Water can also help to reduce acne breakouts. When we consume enough water, it helps to balance the oil and water content on our face. This helps stop the excess production of oil and sebum that causes breakouts. The pores will be less clogged and we experience fewer breakouts. Since water can flush toxins from our body, it can also help keep our skin free from breakouts caused by these toxins.

Reduces Puffiness:

If you constantly deal with puffy skin, it is likely that your skin is retaining water to protect you from dehydration. This occurs when you are not drinking enough water, which means that the simple fix is to drink more water. When you stay hydrated, you can help reduce puffiness in your face.

Reduces Sagging:

Staying hydrated can also help keep our skin tight and reduce sagging. Drinking plenty of water can help to boost the skin’s elasticity and reduce sagging in areas that are more prone to sagging, including the upper arms, thighs, waist, and jawline. If one notices that the skin is starting to sag, start making drinking water a priority.

The World health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming between 2 and 3 liters, or between 10 and 15 glasses of water a day (1 glass of water is equivalent to 200 ml). 20–30% of this amount comes from solid food, and 70–80% comes from the direct intake of water.

The necessary amount of water is never the same throughout a person’s lifetime but it increases with age and also varies according to diet, environmental conditions and our level of physical activity. As we age, there is a greater tendency to become dehydrated, so we need to drink more water.

So, keep yourself hydrated and keep yourself away from all these toxins and let your skin glow and shine! Stay tuned to this space to know more!

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