Arwa Fozdar

I would like to thank Ms. Gomthi and Ms. Dhvani, of Arogya Yatra, for turning my life around. I was trying to get in a good shape and shed some weight for the past 6 years. After my 1st delivery, I hardly shed any weight, and it was stuck on me for quite some time. But thanks to Ms. Gomthi’s encouraging attitude, and Ms. Dhvani’s super easy yet effective diet, I was able to lose atleast 10 kgs in 3 months. Their combined effort has taught me so much about myself and my body and how it works and reacts to different foods and routines. Not only did they change my outlook towards my physical health, but also helped me appreciate the value of simple things like ‘What makes me truly happy’ and ‘What am I grateful for?’ and how can I achieve mental peace. Today I feel confident, happy and mostly proud of myself that I achieved this 1st goal to my weight loss journey with their help and encouragement. And finally, would like to thank the team of Arogya Yatra, for helping me realize that nothing is impossible, if you put your mind and soul into it.